How long does it take to even out my tan?

Tanning is a personalized process influenced by various factors such as sunlight intensity (UV index), altitude, genetics, and skin type. Therefore, it varies from person to person. Maximizing your time wearing our swimwear will contribute to achieving improved results.

Can I achieve a tan in areas where I haven't tanned with a regular bikini?

Skin areas that have not been previously exposed to the sun may not tan in the same manner as the rest of the skin. Pigmentation in these areas can differ, and they may exhibit increased sensitivity.

To prevent sunburn, we advise applying an additional layer of sunscreen to these specific areas. Additionally, you may observe a slower tanning process in these regions.

Do I put sunscreen under my bikini?

Yes! we do recommend putting sunscreen under just to be extra safe.

It is best to use our swimwear for a normal tanning session and then see the difference first hand!

How do I take care of it?

We suggest hand washing your bikini using lukewarm water. Please refer to the attached label for more detailed instructions.

Is the tanning process the same with the straps?

Our thin straps are specifically designed to promote an even tan. Typically, they do not hinder the tanning process since they are constructed from the same tan-through fabric as the rest of the bikini.

Nevertheless, we recommend periodically adjusting their placement for even better outcomes..

Can you see through the fabric?

Our bikinis are designed without lining or padding to allow unhindered sun exposure. The fabric has undergone testing in both dry and wet conditions to ensure it is not see-through.

However, the visibility of certain breast types may vary. If you prefer to minimize potential transparency, we suggest sizing up.

Please note that choosing a larger size may affect the extent to which the sun can penetrate through the micro perforations.

How long is shipping?

Normally, our orders are processed in 1-3 working days. Following this, they are shipped and can take 4-14 working days depending on your location.

We currently ship to; United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

All packages come with tracking information and you can message us anytime through support@oluzu.com and our lovely team of chics will reply as soon as they can!

What if it doesn't fit me?

We have a returns/exchanges policy. You are eligible for an exchange or store credit if it does not fit. Just simply send us the package back in the original condition.

You can email us atsupport@oluzu.comand our lovely team will reply as soon as they can!